The Construction Journals and the Metro Architect have been providing excellent construction news and information since 2005. We provide positive free publicity to many of the regions’ top contracting, architectural, engineering and developer firms with special company profiles and highlighted projects. We take pride in showcasing the finest companies and projects, and pay special attention to what makes each of them unique and successful. While there are countless numbers of contracting, architecture and engineering firms out there, we have found that there are no two exactly alike, and that makes each issue of the Construction Journal or the Metro Architect different. In short, we cover what you build, and in turn help you build the relationships that last.

"Building Relationships"

The Construction Journals and the Metro Architect understand that the construction and architecture community is like a living organism. Each company comes in contact with so many others that relationships form naturally, and those relationships are the life force that keep companies improving and growing. Our goal for all those we feature is results. Results in positive, free publicity and marketing, while telling the construction world what makes your company the success that it is. Your company is successful for a reason, and expecting others to just figure that out is unrealistic at best, so we are always looking to help spread the word and plant the seed for relationships that last.

The Construction Journals and Metro Architect are very biased about who we profile in each issue. We strive to highlight the finest and most ethical companies, ones that reflect well on us as a publication. Since 2005 we have told the success story for hundreds of companies, and with each issue we realize just how many relationships we have helped create, nuture and strengthen. We also know that there are thousands more out there that we have not had the pleasure to tell the story of. If that’s you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your company helps build lasting structures, and our company helps build the lasting relationships.